Date: 2017-07-17 01:16 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] long_silence
You could at least acknowledge some of my other points.

1. The original Big Hero 6 comics barely gave their characters any personality or characterization. They were based on Japanese stereotypes (the sushi chef, the kaiju, the girl with the hammerspace bag)
So in this case I don't mind that the characters were completely reimagined in this adaptation from the ground up, since they were exponentially more interesting here than they were in the comics.
2. You're ignoring the fact that TJ Miller, Fred's voice actor, is Jewish. Stan Lee is Jewish and he essentially played himself in the movie as well as Fred's father. The movie version of Fred is probably Jewish, not white.
3. Marvel and Disney literally used Asian iconography to make Kamar-Taj look exotic in Doctor Strange. Still the movie made money and Benedict Cumberbatch is getting a huge role in future Marvel movies. I'd hardly say they experienced any real blow back.
4. There is a difference in appropriating Japanese iconography to make the setting look exotic and actually respecting Japanese culture. The fact that Japanese American characters were still at the heart of the movie is part of that distinction.
No one in the movie itself said anything about how anything about San Fransokyo was exotic or strange, it was all normalized. And that was another part of it, the creators were also recognizing the fact that San Francisco (and California in general) has a significantly large Japanese and Asian-American population, so the San Fransokyo setting was also about acknowledging those people, descendants of immigrants whose cultures have blended with American culture into something new and unique.

I get that the Ainu are a poorly represented minority group and it sucks that one of the few examples of an Ainu character in Western media got erased in an adaptation. And yes they probably could have gotten an Ainu voice actor and left the character as Ainu and nothing would have changed about the story. I hope they do better in future adaptations.
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