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It's a good page and it works in and for the story, but man is there an ugly subtext to Bruce Wayne's son by blood, dressed as Batman, switching costume with a dead Dick Grayson Batman and telling the world " [The Joker] didn't kill Batman! He killed Robin! "

(It's almost certainly not intentional, but it is there.)
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That meeting with Nixon (and I'm kind of surprised they used his real face instead of a shadowy Nixon-shaped "Mr. President") is one of those times where the real world answer works just as well in fiction.

"Well, why don't you just turn loose a D-Day style invasion on Vietnam? Because the Reds would match you and then it's World War III, right? Same thing: You don't think the Soviets and Chinese don't have their own metahumans?"

Saying a military conflict "isn't that simple" to the POTUS" seems a bit condescending?
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Somebody almost certainly says it to POTUS five times a day currently
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I was trying not to go there...
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Speaking of which, did DC ever have any Communist themed supervillains at the time like Marvel did?

(Aside from KGBeast who was created long after this time period.)
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If the aliens can capture reality-warping and nearly invincible beings like Bat-mite and Mxzypltk with no effort, I think they are more than powerful enough already.
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I think it's more about not being able/willing to fight (See also: Galaxy Quest)
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So the son doesn't have powers, so they suppress the girl's powers so the son doesn't feel bad? Wonder if they would do this if the situation was reversed.
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i'm more interested in that necklace being actually a pretty good comic book way to cancel out that man of steel woman of Kleenex thing.... as well as Man of steel bat of Kleenex :D

seriously though. they did the same thing with the Blue Kryptonite ring in smallville. a shame they had a scene with "Hey smallville... put on the ring..."

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I got the feeling it was more to calm her down than to appease him.

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I think it was more so she could eventually learn to control them, and wait till she was older and could keep a secret better.

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Lois looks extremely pissed off about her pregnancies
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Yeah, with the leopard print tights, cigarette, bags under her eyes, and angry expression she's coded more like some gangster's moll than the successful, happily married wife of the world's greatest superhero. I was worried she'd be breaking out the wire hangers after that piece of power-nullifying jewelry.