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Devin Grayson wrote a mid-1990s ARSENAL miniseries. In the first issue, there is a flashback to when Roy Harper detoxed from heroin, a retelling of GREEN LANTERN/GREEN ARROW #86. There is some extra dialog.

Here are some links to the original pages:

It had little dialog. This time, Roy actually talked to Dinah while detoxing.

When Lian Harper hurts her arm, Roy Harper and Dinah Lance are in the waiting room.




I once made the joke: "Roy Harper. You have the ability to overcome great fear." But it turns out he does.

Roy wishes he could have helped Hal. We now know it was a Giant Space Bug of Fear but at the time Hal just lost his mind. In "Emerald Twilight," Hal was angry and guilty over Coast City's destruction, so I don't know why a Fear-based being would possess him. (That's another topic.)

Heroin never stopped being a problem in America, although it has gotten more widespread in recent years. "I was lonely" might have worked for Roy's reasoning at the time. If "Speedy does heroin" was done today, who knows? In the Nu52, Roy was changed to an alcoholic because... I don't know.

Tidbit: The Andrew Diggle and Jock miniseries GREEN ARROW: YEAR ONE had some "Here's why Ollie hates heroin so much" story points.

Date: 2017-08-03 07:25 am (UTC)
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my theory on speedy being changed to an alcoholic was that at the time Ollie was pretty much completely divorced from his pre Nu-52 self and DC didnt want to link Ollie and speedy back to their most seminal story.

Plus I do really think they thought heroin as too 70s for todays audience despite the fact that, as you pointed out, heroin never went away.


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