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The Black Hood was south of the scene with his thought-dead predecessor (whose being alive he'd just learned about) when he heard about it.

The two of them were heading over when they heard about another explosion in the area.

The Hood who'd " died " and come back to find someone else wearing his mask, Kip Burland, figured that the completionist assassin they were after setting off that one made sense.

That one's site was the former home of his unasked-for successor.

" But why the hospital? What's that mean to you?

" Did you ever work there? Did your parents die there? "

" No. " answered Greg Hettinger, the other Black Hood.

" I was born there. "

(Nicely understated entrance there.)

Greg led the woman who'd been pulled into this because of her relationship with him away.

The Nobody slipped a knife out of his sleeve and cut himself down.

" Oh what a special day.

" Two Black Hoods, under the same roof.

" But are you sure you want to die here? In this filthy city? "

The Nobody got the upper hand.

Greg ran in.

Kip swung a fist into the Nobody's knee.

Kip turned to Greg.

" Greg.. "

(The Nobody used his cellphone to trigger his bombs.

That's Jessie recoiling from the blast there.)

Later, in the burning aftermath, out of the rubble, a hand emerged.

A man pulled himself out.

(Those last lines're a bookend- the initial Black Hood series from Archie's Dark Circle, the one that introduced Greg, opened with them.)


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