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Rocket #3 - "The Blue River Score, Part 3: Breakout"

What is it like, inside The Colon? In the hot, cramped confines of The Colon? How did Rocket end up in The Colon? Some would say that, in a real sense, Rocket entered The Colon the moment I began work on the character. Anyway, to answer your question: The Colon is a dark place, where the squeeze is on and something somewhere stinks. There’s a network of tough guys there—a ring of muscle, if you will—and Rocket has to navigate the twists and turns of The Colon in order to escape through the rear exit. It’s very much a bum note in his life. Anyway, it’s named after the punctuation mark, clearly. -- Al Ewing

"...the Hole."

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I made a mistake buying the first issue. Don't get me wrong; the 1st eleven pages made for an entertaining story. Unfortunately, the book was twenty pages long.
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When did Rocket's speech bubbles stop being yellow?
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So Rocket's crushing on Gatecrasher, despite nominally preferring aquatic mammals.

Now, what did Meggan always call Gatecrasher...?


Clever, Ewing. Very clever.
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Dangit. I can't NOT hear Ryan Reynolds' voice whenever I read Deadpool.