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That final scene is all the more chilling and disturbing given that Ennis and Dillon handled it with some restraint, an approach which Preacher, much as I like it, has very little of.
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You know, one thing I really don't like about the show is it's color grading and lighting. They really like going for a weird, horror-ish otherworldly vibe with the scenes, along with the more dramatized elements of it. Which from an adaptation standpoint doesn't work for me. Preacher the comic is crazy, but it has a feel of being very like our own world, except crazy. So I think the show should be shot in a more naturalistic style.
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I don't know, I think that's it's frankly TOO crazy to do otherwise. I mean, it gets pretty out there at much so that if you don't stylize it some, I'm not sure it would actually work as well. Breaking Bad could get away with it because the batshit happened infrequently enough and was still believable enough that you could accept it actually happening. Stuff that's happening in Preacher is really beyond the pale, something you can sell much easier on the comic page, IMHO.