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Superman & Batman: Generations III #8: "Century 19: History Lesson, Part Two"

'When I was working on GENERATIONS, one of the first things I needed to figure out was just how old the Kents were when they found the rocket. Originally, they were described as "elderly", but since I would be dealing with an adult Superman in 1939 in my first story, which set the landing of the rocket sometime around 1910, I got to wondering what "elderly" meant back then, when "old" kicked in around 50! Eventually I decided Pa was around 65 in 1910, old enough to qualify as "elderly" by the standards of the time. That meant he would have been born around 1845, meaning he could have fought in the American Civil War.' - John Byrne

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This was done on JLU. Some characters travel back to the Old West, and Jonah Hex immediately realizes they are time travellers.

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That was a great episode.
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Okay, most of this series is really pretty self-indulgent (though not necessarily bad), IMHO, but that Earth Helix with Darkseid? That's a pretty great visual right there.
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So Kent decided to pick a fight with JONAH HEX to avenge his family and friends from what happened as a solider during the Civil War?

I understand being upset and in a mood for revenge but unless you walked up behind and gave him two barrels of buckshot in the back at 10 yards, calling him out was the next best thing to suicide if Hex was in an "Unforgiven" mood.

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yeah, but all shooting him in the back is really gonna do is piss him off even more. calling him out before you shoot him means he MIGHT let you live if you explain yourself.