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In Junji Ito news, the anime adaptation of his work is picking up steam and will premiere in December 2018. It's called the "Junji Ito Masterpiece Collection" and seems to be an anthology based off his short stories. More info is here.

This is one of the stories that will be showcased.

Remember to read from right to left.

Disclaimer: Some gore/disturbing imagery. This is 1/3 of the complete story.

Risa has lost her memory. The doctors can't figure out what is as there is no sign of abnormality; they figure it's an emotional problem brought on by intense shock. Her boyfriend Makita tries to help her recover. 

That night Risa is overcome by dread when a giant caterpillar crawls into her room.

Makita decides to take Risa outside.

Afterwards, Makita takes Risa to his house where she meets his dad.

The father asks them when they are going to get married and Makita tells him that she doesn't remember saying yes. The father says that he doesn't much time left and asks Rita to take care of his son before moving backwards into the room again.

Later that night, Risa begins to feel a sense of dread and is worried that her amnesia has something to do with the house. Makita runs to her, saying that his father is asking for her in his delirium and that she has to come quick and see him.

He tells her that the minds of his ancestors stretch back centuries and that they share the same memories. The father tells Makita that he doesn't have much time left and that they need a progeny.

He tells her if he doesn't have a heir the bloodline and the ensuing knowledge kept over centuries will be lost. She turns to run but the rope of heads(?) prevent her going anywhere.

Suddenly Makita starts to clutch at his own head and the 'ancestors' retreat. He says that his dad is dead.

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