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This frikkin' comic...
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1) Did they ever finish this story?

2) Ultimate Wolverine really deserved to get torn in half. In my opinion of course. I'm sure somebody liked him.

3) Where they trying to set up Ultimate Hulk as being on the path to becoming the Maestro?

4) Someone should probably mention to Wolverine that yes adamantium is almost unbreakable and fused to the skeleton makes the bones really tough, but the spaces between the vertebra aren't connected with bone.

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"1) Did they ever finish this story? "

I'm honestly not sure. I remember my local comic store having a backordered issue showing up at random years later...
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Yeah, it was finished. I'm pretty sure I have it somewhere. HUGE delays though.

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For a while it did seem like this and that Spider-Man/Black Cat mini were going for some sort of record.

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Speaking of Kevin Smith he did that Daredevil/Bullseye mini where only one issue was published.

What pissed me off was that he basically guilted Bendis into not having Bullseye show up in his title first because he was promised the showdown and then he couldn't bother to follow up. And when Bullseye did show up in DD they had to reference the events of the miniseries that of course never happened.

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Yeah. The Black Cat mini had Smith replacing the Mysterio he killed off in his DD run...only he'd already been replaced in the three years between issues three and four.

The one I don't get is Hickman's second SHIELD mini. The man clearly loves that kind of story and he was allowed to write just about everything for a while there. Why didn't that mini get finished?
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Good question. That's one of those unfinished holes in my collection that just bugs me. There's something frustrating about stories that don't end with a proper conclusion.

But this comic pissed me off so much, simply because of the years-long delay. I never did care enough to pick up the final issues when they finally came out.
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Yeah it took them three and a half years but it was finished.
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Yes they did finish the story, like three years later.
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Took them three years, but yeah, they managed to get out the remaining issues.
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lol I remember in UXM during the time when this was on hiatus there was a bit where Wolverine goes "Hulk tore me in half, you should have seen what I did. It was epic."
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I find that final panel both inexplicable and offensive on some level I can't even explain. It's just like... Hulk has a harem of nubile young Tibetan women who are all totally into this big green guy and each other like it's some sort of weird male-gaze-sorority-sex-fantasy-gone-wrong.

And honestly, at the scale everyone is drawn, Hulk's cock would absolutely wreck anyone he fucked, so you can't tell me that they're there for that purpose... so what are they getting out of this? Money? Survival? I just can't even... yeesh.
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The Maestro had a harem too though.

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Sure, but the Maestro was the sole power in a post-apocalyptic society. Being a Maestro concubine was a source of financial security, and many of the Maestro's citizens worshiped him as their protector. Power is an aphrodisiac, but because at its root it's a sign of the ability to provide. So you've got a combo of brainwashing and enthusiastic fakery that doesn't just happen because some really strong green guy comes to town. Not that a few Tibetans wouldn't want to be his girlfriend for the same reason ("You seem strong, you'll protect me, right?"), but something on this scale just seems ridiculous.

I mean, that harem was still a harem and still a feast for the male gaze, but there was some sociological justification for the whole thing. Maybe there's a similar one in the remaining issues of this series, but I'm not counting on it.

Also, these women seem to be about 90% clones of each other.

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Also, I'm guessing they're at the top of a mountain in Tibet, because they're the only part of Tibet that ever exists in fiction. Geez, they must be FREEZING.
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Fair point and Ultimate Hulk/Banner was never as charismatic as main universe Bruce/Hulk or the Maestro.
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Maybe his dick isn't to scale he could be like a gorilla where he's huge but his genitals are underdeveloped. I'm sad I'm actually trying to work this out in my head so it makes sense and so there isn't a hypothetical pile a dead women out back.
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While you're at it, try to rationalise how his buddha belly magically disappears by the time he gets into Bisecting Mode.
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Super fast metabolism?

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Maybe Ultimate Hulks Hulking out involves a bit more shapeshifting than 616 ? So this is the "dinnermode" tearing Logan in half is the "fightmode", and maybe there is a mode for the girls too?
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All that anger's got to be in reaction to something...

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Hulk buys black bikinis in bulk from Amazon.
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Is that a tongue twister?

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Can't wait to see Part 2 get posted... three years.