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That panel with Hulk (6th page) looks like he ate the worlds sourest lemon drop.
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I want to hire Miles as my babysitter.
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I love this series, especially since they tend to at least try to solve their problems with their heads, instead of their fists,when possible.

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It's Marvel's acknowledgement that thanks to the various Civil Wars, the older generation of heroes aren't the best of role models right now. Having Nova, Ms. Marvel and Spider-Miles conspicuously quit the Avengers to start the Champions was the best way to cement it.
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Which is also, I believe, why they have kept Ironheart out so far. Riri would be perfect for the team, but you can't have her without AI Tony Stark coming along. And having the almost literal ghost of arguably the adult superhero that Miles, Kamala and Sam were the closest to on the team wouldn't help that image.

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As much as I'm enjoying this book, I think I miss the dynamic of the old and newer heroes playing off each other in All-New, All Different Avengers.
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Same here for sure. It's amazing how Tony Stark, of all the old guard Avengers, eneded up being one of the best mentors for teen superheroes. Yeah he wasn't perfect, but he clearly cared about Kamala, Miles and Sam while wanting to see them tuen into the great heroes of the future. And if nothing else Iron Man was definitely a better mentor to them then either Miles' or Kamala's namesakes.
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It's very weird how Peter's been absent from Miles' big beats in Civil War II & Secret Empire.

Actually, it's pretty weird how low key Peter's been in both crossovers, period.

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I want to give Kamala hugs. All the hugs.
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I don't know how to say this in a nice way. This made me want to throw up. I want my money back and I didn't even spend money. I want reparation for this.
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what happened to Kamala?