Date: 2017-08-12 11:37 pm (UTC)
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It isn't wise to automatically consider a character's viewpoints to match one for one with an author's. Ennis is prone to character rants, some of which spring up often enough that they're clearly pet hatreds of his own (the Troubles, the Catholic Church, etc.), but I see a lot of people act as if everything his characters is say is automatically everything his characters believe.

It's also worth noting that Preacher is set in the 1990s, at around roughly the same time it was being published. The "political correctness" that Jesse is railing against here is not the "political correctness" of 2017; it's the desire to use elaborate terminologies in order to avoid the potential for offense, i.e. "African-American" or "differently abled." As Jesse says here, it mostly came off as well-meaning liberal white people trying to tone-police one another.

In 2017, of course, being "politically correct" is an accusation leveled against you by assholes whenever you remind them that minorities exist.
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