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Yeah, the .cbr was really late this week...

There haven't been any pages of the Batman comic posted here yet, but it's a decidedly low-key, grounded story, which isn't a huge surprise from the creative team behind 100 Bullets. I know he's probably DC's hottest property, but it does kind bug me that this strip has the permanent position on the front page, it would've been cool if they rotated it like they do with the cover.
Anyway, what really grabs me about this week's strip is seeing Bruce Wayne acting very un-playboy-like, you'd almost expect he was wearing the cowl in this conversation. Him passing her the key almost feel forced, like he's doing the bare minimum to keep up the facade.

Wonder Woman's strip is a joy. The layouts toe the line between confusing and inventive (check out the way she backtracks along the second tier there!), while the art plays between rough and gorgeous. It's a strip that doesn't seem to be sure how it wants you to feel about it, so I just give it the benefit of the doubt and feel good. The action can be hard to follow with how small some of the panels tend to be, but even that can't contain the vibrancy the art puts through.
I almost thought we were out of the dreams here, but then each strip tends to end with an or-was-it? anyway, so it's hard to tell at this point whether Diana's dreaming or just thinks she is. We'll just have to keep watching!

Clark is going through isolation angst again, and it's taken him four weeks to remember the best people to cure it. Of the three, Superman's is probably the weakest. Wondy might be moving too fast, and Bats might be moving too slow, but Supes doesn't really seem to be going anywhere right now. The art is pretty, at least, especially the coloring! Though they do seem a little too fond of that frown.

Until next week, which I might Frankenstein together myself if the scanners take so long again!
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