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Apparently Gerard Way can write a really good Superman! Someone give him an Action Comics guest arc. 
Plus, a lesson on finding the courage to keep going down, down, and back, from the man who loves going up, up, and away. Check it!

Cave Carson is near death from a battle with arc monster-villain, The Whisperer. He dreams about the time he first met Superman: 

 Cave and his team find Superman battling a crystal monster, but the Kryptonite on the ground has  him on the ropes. Cave's team neutralizes the Kryptonite...
"We're going to need them!"
Cave and Superman devise a plan to sonic boom the enemy into defeat, a la The Flash vs. The Centre during New Frontier. 
I love how Superman's encouraging himself like a Little Leaguer instead of a Justice Leaguer.
Unfortunately, Cave's dream goes sour at this point, turning everyone dead and turning itself into a nightmare:


This issue was great, not just because of Superman's role, not just because of its mix of Golden/Silver/Bronze Age vibes, but because a story that featured its protagonist slowly transforming into shit turned out to be the shit. Impressive.
Anyway, one issue is too small a sample size, but I recommend Gerard Way on Superman the way I recommended King and Seeley for Batman, because of their work on Grayson #5. Maybe even more.  

Red Hood coming your way next. Stay tuned!
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