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This is probably my last UY character profile for a while, and I've decided to focus on one that, according to the author himself, is his most popular supporting character: Inspector Ishida.

Based on real life detective Chang Apana, the same source for Charlie Chan, Ishida is a tough but fair detective. Usagi met him in vol. 3 issues #26 and 27 "The Hairpin Murders", where he arrives in Ishida's town to collect the bounty for a criminal Gen had captured (the rhino was unable to collect it himself). Usagi gets to help Ishida analyse the scene of a crime and impresses him, and from then on we got ourselves a detective in the Usagiverse.

There's no origin story for Ishida, not even in "The Hairpin Murders". I chose then his only standalone story so far, "After the Rat", in order to illustrate how Stan handles mystery stories.

We open with a positively Dickensian scene. The starving family huddled together. Father brings no money home. All sad. Until a bag of money is dropped at their feet by Nezumi, "The Rat", a thief with Robin Hood sensibilities.

The police, with Inspector Ishida at the helm, have Nezumi cornered, but the population rush to The Rat's aid, much to our detective's dismay.

The following night, two crimes happen. In the first case, someone has their pocket picked. Ishida deduces the pickpocket's identity but, with no proof, he has no choice but to issue a warning in one of Sakai's most subtle dialogues ever.

"What a funny little man"
"Not as funny as you think, little sister. That was a warning. He's shrewd, that one".

Their paths cross again in the current two-parter, on sale now.

The other crime is a bit more serious. A merchant has been murdered, and Nezumi is to blame. The population can condone a redistributing thief, but not a murderer. Ishida goes on to investigate the crime scene.

The sons appear forth as witnesses to the crime. They say that after the working day was done, they came upstairs to check on their father, who was counting the money. It was then that they saw Nezumi, bloody katana sword in hand, over the merchant's dead body. He pushed past them, climbed to the attic and on to the roof, and made his escape.

Nezumi is slated to appear in an upcoming edition, according to Dark Horse's official website. His model was real life robber Nezumi Koz┼Ź.

This story above can be found in Book 20: Glimpses of Death and Usagi Yojimbo Saga vol. 5.

That's it for my Usagi Yojimbo character profiles. Previous ones can be found below, if you missed any:

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I want to lay off Usagi Yojimbo for a while, unless there's another character or some storyline you want covered. Please let me know, and I'll be glad to comply! :)

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Once again, thank you for all you've posted - and for facilitating my proper introduction to Usagi's world :)


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