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REPOST: Len Wein shows Peter and Mary Jane's rocky start

In a tribute to the late, great Len Wein, here is a repost of some pages from AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #151 to #153 with art by Ross Andru. It takes place right after the original Spider-Clone story, when Peter and Mary Jane got more serious and started "officially" dating.

But all serious superhero relationships hit that one stumbling block: when one of you has to run out of a party to fight a super-villain.

So, how did we get to MJ raging out at Peter? It all starts in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #151 with a party... hosted by J. Jonah Jameson?

J. Jonah Jameson is throwing a party (?) for the engagement of two of his employees, Ned Leeds and Betty Brant. Peter Parker is attending the party with Mary Jane Watson, Harry Osborn and Flash Thompson. Flash would later have an affair with Betty circa 1986.

Jonah is right, electricity doesn't grow on trees. Electricity is actually mined by coal. Or moving water to power a turbine. Or something.

Also, is this the first time MJ met Jonah? And when did Flash and Harry first meet Jonah? Scans_daily should do a "When this Spider-Man supporting character met that Spider-Man supporting character for the first time" series.

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Wikipedia identifies Jonah's taste in music, if not why he has that taste in music.

Gaetano Alberto "Guy" Lombardo (June 19, 1902 – November 5, 1977) was a Canadian-American bandleader and violinist of Italian descent. He formed the Royal Canadians in 1924 with his brothers Carmen, Lebert, and Victor, and other musicians from his hometown. They billed themselves as creating "the sweetest music this side of Heaven". The Lombardos are believed to have sold between 100 and 300 million records during their lifetimes, many featuring the band's lead singer, Kenny Gardner.

Annunzio Paolo Mantovani (November 15, 1905 – March 29, 1980), known by the mononym Mantovani, was a popular conductor and light orchestra-style entertainer with a cascading strings musical signature. He is more associated with the light orchestra genre than any other entertainer.

MJ can make 1970's fashion look good. I'm guessing Harry's therapist is Dr. Barton "Bart" Hamilton.

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Jonah has an incense burner?

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Should tuna fish, even cheap party tuna fish, glow like that?

Peter Parker doesn't usually drink anything with "zing" in it.

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It's the Shocker that's doing this.
Peter webs his way up to the helicopter. Later on, in AMAZING #152...

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Jonah was good for some "screwball comedy" humor.

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Suffering succotash!

Mary Jane was at ESU? I don't recall Mary Jane actually being a college student along with Peter, Flash, Harry, etc. Anyone know the details?

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Who knew Peter Parker was a finicky eater?


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Peter is talking about the Gwen Stacy clone.

This makes you wonder what Mary Jane was really thinking, with the "I know Peter is Spider-Man, but he doesn't know I know, and that's eventually going to be a VERY awkward conversation" retcon. MJ knowing the Big Secret was first revealed by Tom DeFalco, established as going all the way back to AMAZING FANTASY #15 by Gerry Conway, and backed up by Kurt Busiek. I know so much yet so little about Spider-Man history.

At this point, MJ could easily guess Ben Parker's death was why Spider-Man suddenly went from performer to crime-fighter. Even if she *didn't* know Peter blamed himself for Ben's death. (Place comment on Peter Parker's never-ending emotionally-stunting guilt complex here.)

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