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The revengers in it're the Roto.

The revenged upon're the Paznina.

Issue #2 opened on a flashback to the inciting incident.

" Give them the signal. "

One of Nim's men blew a horn.

" You have a beautiful castle, Jerome. "

The ship that'd heard the signal dropped a weight.

" I think I'll add it to my collection. "

The weight BOOMed when it landed.

Thea looked up and out of the past at her brother Rollo.

" Are you even going to help us look? "

They were scavenging parts for their skiff.

Jerome, the Roto leader (and Thea and Rollo's dad), found something else- a metal man lying prone.

He called for Rollo, who came and looked at it.

It looked advanced, like something that'd walked in the world before.

Rollo tried to reactivate it, and seemingly failed.

The sound of that attracted monsters, who came stampeding.

The other Roto got to the skiff and took off (" As they should. " noted Jerome to Rollo).

The leader and his children faced down the monsters.

The biggest of them came charging..

.. and was taken down with one punch by the man of metal, who'd just awoken.

" Hello. "

He turned to Rollo.

" Who are you? "

The Roto made camp that night. The metal man sat beyond the fire, staring up at the sky.

Rollo joined him.

The metal man had questions about the world he'd awoken into.

Rollo answered those, including where they'd come from.

" The Rising Plains. "

(The ground they're on's the old world.)

As the Roto prepared for their next strike, Nim received news of their last one.

The victim of that was brought in, along with the promise the Roto'd left.

" Well, well, well. "

(The Master of Treasure here's the violinist in the flashback.

His hands were taken because vengeance needs must be apt.)

(Pagecount's 6 of 20.

Writing and art's Daniel Warren Johnson.

Coloring's Mike Spicer.

Lettering's Rus Wooton.)
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