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A friendly reminder from your adorable, yet strangely unsettling, Mod Team, to all you lovely people who post on Scans_Daily that we have a tagging system which is simple to use, and works, and is really terribly helpful for everyone.

We've recently had a bit of a cull of several hundred old tags which had barely been used (A process which is still ongoing) so there should be some room to add new ones for new series, characters or creators.

Our limit on dreamwidth is 5000, and they soon fill up, but we'll keep trying to wrangle them, and all our current tags can be seen here.

So, whilst not a command, this is a polite request that it would be most helpful if you could, when you make a post, use the tags to identify, in no particular order.

1) The title of the Comic using title: name of book

2) The characters involved using char: heroic identity/civilian name and/or the team they are on using group: name

3) The writer and artist using creator: person's name

4) Publisher using publisher: name of publisher

5) Trigger warnings - These ARE mandatory, if applicable

6) Any of the useful, informative, fun extra tags like
                series: (for special event theme weeks) 
                in-joke:  (I think I'm personally responsible for most of the in-joke: bondage tag, for example
(Handy for cases of foreign language posts etc
                genre:  etc...

Many browsers will auto-complete the tag if you start out typing it, so it's even easier for you to find what you need.

Tags allows people who are interested by a character to browse through and find out more about them, or follow a creator, and so on. It also helps the Mods try to keep track of what has been posted three pages ago, and what has been posted right now.

Date: 2018-01-05 06:35 pm (UTC)
riddler13: (pinkie pie)
From: [personal profile] riddler13
How can we suggest new tags? I don't want to create them willy-nilly, but I think some of Usagi's recurring characters (Usagi, Tomoe, Gen) deserve their own tags, since they do crossover to the TMNT universe.


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