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Warning for homophobia and brutal violence.

From the sixth issue of the DC reprint (Holiday 1988). Originally published in B&W in Warrior #22-25 (Sept.-Dec. 1984). 8 of 24 pages.

Evey returns to the Kitty-Kat Keller in order to avenge her lover Gordon's murder by Harper.

Following a nightmare revealing her longing for a combination father figure/lover and her fear of a man she'd hoped could serve as both, Evey wakes up in a prison cell. A shadowy figure shows her footage of V rescuing her the previous fall. Oh Christ, she thinks. They know.

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I remember people believed the subplot about the lesbians was a plant from the Wachowski Siblings and I had to correct them saying "NO! It's in the graphic novel!!!"

Such a touching story.


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