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Adventure Comics #504/ #1: Adventures in Bowling

Starman is recruiting some Pigeons to the Legion when he is rudely interrupted...

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God Bless Starman. He meets Tellus in Smallville swamp who reveals that if Starman doesn't get 31st century treatment he will never get his mind back. The final page is a selection of Omens, Element Lad as a 21st century Chemistry teacher, Dream Girl captured (again), Brainy and phantom girl telling Blok he is disfigured, XS on the cosmic treadmill going to the past and a green lantern wearing both rings. (which is against the rules unless they have a power no other legionnaire has without the use of the ring)

And that Ladies and gentlemen was the only redeeming part of AC #504, Kryptos 'ickle cape came close.

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Fact: The World needs more Starman.

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Long Live Bowling!! Yeah!!

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Not to be overly wanky, but I wish they'd just given him generic crazy instead of saying schizophrenia. It makes me uncomfortable.

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As I understand it, currently the term "schizophrenia" is used by the lay public incorrectly as 'generic-crazy' and by MH professionals to include a catch-all of similar-presenting but biologically different syndromes. I'd hope that by the 31st century they'd have nailed the term "schizophrenia" down to one specific definitive diagnosis and that's what Thom has...but that's probably giving DC too much credit.

And yeah, I think Thom's a positive presentation of someone living with a MH syndrome - he's generally happy, and his ethics are very much intact - he knows right from wrong and lawful from unlawful, and back when this JSA title started his doctors emphasized how deeply murder scenes upset and disturbed him. His faculties are also intact - he can do higher-level maths, and he'll often point out a wrinkle in a crisis situation nobody else noticed. So yeah, on the whole I don't feel too bad about laughing with him.

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I don't feel bad about laughing at him, and this is kind of sweet. Seriously, my only problem is what they called it. But I am perhaps overly sensitive about MH-related stuff.

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..Why did he throw a black bowling ball but fly away with a yellow one (an awesome one BTW)..?

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They gave him the yellow one for being awesome

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Smallville swamp

Because Kansas is known for its wetlands. Being landlocked and all.

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Maybe it's a different Smallville, like Smallville, Florida.

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I did not know this!

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Oh, that's nothing -- you can have swamps in landlocked regions so long as you have rivers or lakes.

Now, in Checkmate they once made a real-life landlocked city into a port.

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Man, when I finished the Superboy part of this, I was so disappointed-- and then I read these pages, and my good humor was restored. If only the entire comic could have been about Starman . . .

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If they ever do another Marvel vs. DC, Starman and Deadpool need to hang out and have a crazy-off.

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Quibbles with the backup: it lists schizophrenia as Starman's "afflication" in the yellow/red ID holobox. Worse, in the big fabulous two-page splash of Legionnaires, they got Night Girl and Shadow Lass confused. Easy enough to do, I guess, they're quite similar - except of course that one is blue and has a bikini on.

It also lists invulnerability as one of Bouncing Boy's powers, which I was unaware of - good on him if it's correct, I guess. And on the upside, I was amused to see the Invisible Kid holobox pointing at...nothing! :P

Also on the upside: The invocation of the Legion Espionage Squad is interesting. It might solve the mystery of the missing Legionnaires referred to at the end of Legion of 3 Worlds. Looking back at my copy, Brainy listed the missing as Chameleon Boy, Dream Girl, Element Lad, Matter-Eater Lad, Sensor Girl (Projectra), Tellus and Tyroc. That's a pretty good makeup for an Espionage Squad, don't you think? I begin to have hope that they've got a good long-range plot up their sleeves for this.

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Well, I can honestly say that that's the first time I've ever seen bowling compared to jousting. I can also say that I don't think the comparison really holds up, unless Starman thinks that bowlers hurl the balls at each other as a tiebreaker.