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Adventure Comics #504/ #1: Adventures in Bowling

Starman is recruiting some Pigeons to the Legion when he is rudely interrupted...

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God Bless Starman. He meets Tellus in Smallville swamp who reveals that if Starman doesn't get 31st century treatment he will never get his mind back. The final page is a selection of Omens, Element Lad as a 21st century Chemistry teacher, Dream Girl captured (again), Brainy and phantom girl telling Blok he is disfigured, XS on the cosmic treadmill going to the past and a green lantern wearing both rings. (which is against the rules unless they have a power no other legionnaire has without the use of the ring)

And that Ladies and gentlemen was the only redeeming part of AC #504, Kryptos 'ickle cape came close.