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Blackest Night cover #5

IGN has the cover for Blackest Night #5... as well as an interview with Geoff Johns.

These are most of the characters brought back to life after major deaths.

Actually, after JLA: Obsidian Age, the Big Seven should be there, too, since they were killed and undead for over several thousand years.

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I have absolutely no idea who that is.

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Some obscure Green Lantern villain from 1981 named Nekron apparently.
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Haha, me neither! But he's big and nasty so he must be a bad-ass right!?

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Necron Rise!!!
called it, btw

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Hey, so did I! I've been saying that ever since this started!

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Fuck everyone else but leave Diana alone.

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Nope, she died too.

Something I'm wondering about Conner and Bart both: in the present day, Conner's body is in that thing that will bring him back in 3108. And Bart's body--of an older Bart--is buried as well.

Consider the brainbreaking paradoxes in store.
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Mike W. Barr's was a million times cooler and creepier.

I can't decide if it's the skinniness or that his neck is so long, but I wish he still looked like this.

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Yeah, I'm wishing they kept the collar thing and the skull face. This design isn't bad, but it's impossible to tell that they're the same character.

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I really like him looking like this! He's got personality. And there is a supermodel quality to him too.

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first thought: ...j'onn?
second thought: ahhhh, that guy
third thought: GIANT UNDEAD CROTCH!!!

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Giant Undead Crotch(!!!) was my only thought, really.

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Several heroes are staring right into each others' crotches.

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Conner seems reluctant though.

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Actually, after JLA: Obsidian Age, the Big Seven should be there, too, since they were killed and undead for over several thousand years.

Batman, J'onn, and Arthur are all Currently Dead.

Superman and Wonder Woman are both there.

It's only Kyle and Plas that died and revived in OA and are unaccounted for.

On another note, I really like the composition of this image, particularly the way the characters are lined up - arranged by major costume colour, for the most part.

At the ends, green (Lantern and Arrow), next in, red (Wondie and Flash), then blue (Superman and Ice)...finally on the inside, it breaks down....

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And Plas wasn't actually dead. Just broken.

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it think they said at comic con that nekron would not apper in the blackest night
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Johns said he couldn't talk about it (he was waiting for the cover, as he mentions in the interview behind the link), Eddie Berganza had no idea who it was. I'm hoping Berganza was joking, because it'd be really irresponsible of the editor over the whole deal to be that ignorant of what's going on in his group.

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Why is Superman part of this? He was only in a Super-Coma. Unless its something like millions people believing that he was dead is enough for whoever's behind Blackest Night. Actually, that might be kind of cool.

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You called it? Did you figure out the sky was blue all by yourself too? ;)

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But Bart didn't die, technically, did he?

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I think Nekron still counts time travel cheats.

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I'm so whelmed. And yes, I'm european

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New Necron looks like something Clive Barker would have come up with. I approve.

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I like the power battery incorporated into the scythe. It looks nifty.

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Agreed. But this is a Grim Reaper-template character. It's very hard to go wrong with that.

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Not really surprised.

Wonder if that Captain Atom story will be referenced? Or ignored?

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There isn't a whole lot to say about it. "Nekron tries to get the living through Captain Atom's connection to the Quantum Field. He fails."

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Man, as much as I'm steadily getting into the idea of BN (I thought the first issue, frankly, signified another pointless Geoff Johns killfest), I really, really wish that DC would take some pointers from Marvel in keeping the 'secret' elements of their big stories secret.

Since Nekron is likely the big bad of the Black Lanterns, in so much as he's like their Parallax or Ion, I'm guessing, shouldn't he have been blanked out or whatever?

That aside, I'm really starting to like the Black Lantern symbol. If you apply it to the confines of a circle, like the other lantern emblems, it's all consuming.

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Pretty much the entire fan community knew it was Nekron already anyway; and I think the guys at DC knew it was fairly pointless trying to keep the identity secret when it was so very obvious.

I've got a feeling Johns has some surprises up his sleeve yet.

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In the new BLACKEST NIGHT, what was the most resonant and creepy, and dramatic, part was the Aquaman/Mera/Garth scenes. Possibly it's because of his anger, and anger has been a huge part of the character from Skeates onward(and no character Aparo drew in the Seventies has been to anger management) and the dramatic heart of his appeal. And not to mention his numerous reasons for feeling a need for vengeance. So far, he's the one that's come back the meanest and fiercest, and it's his story I want to follow right now.

Is there still enough left that hasn't been posted that I can post any of that scene? I found it that impressive. And sad.

Also: I have scans of ATLANTIS CHRONICLES. Which is of course, OOP, but also PAD. Should I/do y'all want me to post any?