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The end of the TMNT movie adaptation (1990)

Picked this up from the news-stand way back when the film was in general release. I may be giving away too much but this is one of the first comics I ever owned. I'm not sure whether the B/W version was limited or not but I've only seen coloured copies since.

In any case, this the the last seven pages of the comic, with a final page scene having NOT appeared in the movie.

Layouts by Kevin Eastman, script by Peter Laird, pencils by Jim Lawson, with inks by Eastman, Laird and Eric Talbot.

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Mannnnn.. They missed out the best part, with Casey deliberately turning on the garbage truck. 'Oops!'...

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Somehow, it makes more sense in light of the fact that he comes back in the sequel (Not that I liked the sequel nearly as much, mind). I don't see how he'd survive being squashed like that, whereas he could easily run off to lick his wounds following this confrontation.

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That was my favorite scene too. Casey Jones is a bad-ass!

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Nice art. And yaay, I always like seeing that April/Casey. <3.

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Funny, that; if not for knowing the movie, I would have had a hard time telling them apart in the early going there.

--LBD "Nytetrayn"

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I have this comic somewhere and I think it's colored. Your scans look much better than what I have though. I'll try to get my scanner to work and post some scans.

Also, there's another scene in this comic that wasn't in the movie. It is basically Mikey training on punching bags with April worrying about him.

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I was just thinking that; I didn't know Mirage had an adaptation; didn't Archie release this in color?

Always wondered why they cut that last scene; it was in the novelization, too.

--LBD "Nytetrayn"

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That 'I have always liked Cowabunga' scene makes no damn sense, either in the movie or here. 'Cowabunga' ain't a descriptive term; it's something you yell when charging into action. What Splinter is basically suggesting that they say is 'we were Cowabunga', which is like saying 'damn, we were Geronimo back there', or 'dudes, we were totally Banzai'. It's a shame, too, because otherwise, the ending sequence is pretty effective.

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Splinter: "I would prefer 'We were SPOOOOON!'"

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Well, yeah, that'd work, too. (Or should I say 'not work'?)