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The end of the TMNT movie adaptation (1990)

Picked this up from the news-stand way back when the film was in general release. I may be giving away too much but this is one of the first comics I ever owned. I'm not sure whether the B/W version was limited or not but I've only seen coloured copies since.

In any case, this the the last seven pages of the comic, with a final page scene having NOT appeared in the movie.

Layouts by Kevin Eastman, script by Peter Laird, pencils by Jim Lawson, with inks by Eastman, Laird and Eric Talbot.

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Somehow, it makes more sense in light of the fact that he comes back in the sequel (Not that I liked the sequel nearly as much, mind). I don't see how he'd survive being squashed like that, whereas he could easily run off to lick his wounds following this confrontation.