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There's no posting like reposting.

Inspired by the just-posted preview for Power Girl #4 featuring Terra, some scans from Terra #4 (by the same creative team), as the ladies hit the town.

Power Girl popped up a couple of times earlier on in the series; now, with the rather perfunctory villain (who was more a guy who kept having bad shit happen to him) disposed of, they meet up again.

They chat a bit (she mentions that she likes to dance here already, so apparently that's one of her character traits), and then go to fight crime.

Satana shows up a lot in this team's stories; anyway, they defeat these not-very-formidable foes, now the girliness really kicks in.

She's pretty well-developed for someone who ain't legal.

When I originally posted this on the old s_d, I noted that this seemed to be setting her up as one of Peeg's supporting characters.  Nice to see more of her.

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