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SyFy Wire has the preview for next weeks "Prelude to the Wedding" event.

And who else would be organising Batman's Bachelor Party but...

I LOVE that Bruce eating burgers with a knife and fork has now progressed to be a family joke, it's the sort of thing that happens.

Since the staff, and most of the patrons, are is in costume already, who'll notice three more! :)

I try to limit preview page postings, but I really DO want to post the next page, because it highlights that when it comes to throwing a party, Dick and Clark really DO know Bruce better than anyone and have come up with something perfect for the Bat-introvert who has everything...

Bruce being all proud poppa (and tactile about it) with Dick in the second panel is gold, and just look at those smug shits in the last panel, they KNOW they done good. (And Dick and Clark being the definition of "good guy bros" who just want to make their Dad/Bro happy gives me warm happy feelings)

Oh yeah, and someone called Hush apparently shows up, but to be honest, after these pages, who cares? Not even Hush can harsh my mellow :)
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