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We join our hero in Geneva where, after a quick excerpt Frankenstein, we are introduced to a group of horror authors meeting up to discuss their trade in the castle that saw both the creation of that monster and of Tommy Taylor...

The authors are Sonia Taft (vampire detective noir-fusion), Simon Grove (Lovecraftian metaphysical horror), Lauren Sedgewick (magic realist psycho-gothic), Stanley Jardine (post-modern slashers) and James Mortenson (torture porn). Lizzie Hexam is upstairs with Tom, who is busy trying to wash off his newlyt appeared tattoo.

We rejoin the authors who snipe entertainingly at one another before the lady running the workshop calls a five minute break. Tom asks her if she knows the whereabouts of the housekeeper Mathilde Venner, who was working there when his father disappeared. The lady says that Mathilde isn't there at the moment, though she has an odd look on her face as Tom walks away. Lizzie gets pissy at two of the authors who are discussing inviting Tom to a threesome ("Tom has taken a vow of celibacy-- Plus he has syphilis. And we're engaged to be married. You really don't want to go there.") and follows him out of the room asking if he's had any luck.

A short while later, Stanley Jardine (post-modern slashers) leaves the house to go smoke a spliff in a nearby shed. As he lights up he is made to jump by a voice from behind him asking to borrow his lighter. It's our old friend Pullman, he of the magic melty hand. 

Back in the house Tom remembers seeing his father straightening a painting of Michael Binding Satan by William Blake when he was younger. Tom takes the painting off the wall and Hey Presto! A wall safe!

Stanley is having a look around the shed and commenting on the awesome amount of gleaming, Spanish Inquisition-like farming equipment in there. He hasn't yet picked up on the fack that he's obviously not long for this world. After a nice little chat about the uses of fear, Pullman obligingly sets about him with a sickle. 

Meanwhile Tom has figured out the safe combination.

And on that perfect line, cut to Pullman walking towards the house with a sickle. Outlined by lightning and with the wonderful sound-effect 'SHRAKOOOOOOM'.

Join us next issue where there shall be bloody murder.

Date: 2009-08-18 06:46 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] roguefankc.insanejournal.com
I like this. Creepy mystery with book authors and the paranormal.

But I worry about the other guests in the house; Tom and Lizzie may seem slated to survive, but the others probably aren't going to.


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