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Bleeding Cool had an article that makes it clear there is some resentment over the events of CIVIL WAR II. And most of that resentment is towards Carol Danvers, not from her.

About two pages from CHAMPIONS #21 after the cut. Written by Jim Zub. Art by Sean Izaakse

Come context: The Master of the World wants to save the polar ice caps. Since he's going to rule the world someday, he wants it safe. The Champions aren't sure what to do. Then Captain Marvel and Alpha Flight show up.

champ1-5.jpeg" />


Some of this reminds me a little of the original NEW WARRIORS run. The team tried to focus on topical issues in some ways.

After we find out the Master is stealing the magic of the area to run his machines, he blows them up and flees.


Has there been a "Kamala and Carol talk about CIVIL WAR II like civilized people" scene? There should be.

Tony and Carol aren't going to talk about CIVIL WAR II like civilized people. At least not for a while.
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