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His journey'd begun in 1939, after the breaking up of a Nazi rally.

He and Margo Lane drove away from their work, Moe Shrevnitz at the wheel.

She wondered if they'd hurt any of the women and children down there.

" I'd never have set the charges if I'd known. And you blasting away with your .45s.. you can't be sure.. "

" Fine. You can be sure. But I can't.

" You were firing into a crowd.. "

An explosion in the road interrupted them, turning the car over and over and into a wreck.

" You know better, Cranston! How did you get in here?

" How did you even find this place? "

The Shadow left the Shadow and made his way to Margo's.

They were interrupted: " Make like statues! "

Two men with guns burst in.

" It's all clear, master! "

Their master followed.

Khan demanded the Shadow's identity.

" I'm the Shadow. "

Khan laughed at the apparent declaration of Lamont Cranston.

The Shadow invited Khan to read his mind.

The Shadow seized Khan and hurled him into one of his thugs.

Margo broke a bottle of wine on the other's head.

Khan scrambled to his feet, pulled a knife, lunged.

The Shadow and Khan grappled, out onto the balcony-

- out into space.

Margo cried " Lamont! " after the falling Shadow.

(That is one jarring likeness.

Pagecount's 6 and under 1/2 of 20 from The Twilight Zone: The Shadow #1 back in 2016.

Writing's David Avellone, art's Dave Acosta, colors're Omi Remalante, and letters're Taylor Esposito.

This is mostly a repost.)
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