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He'd stepped into it out of himself in 1939, into Lamont Cranston.

He'd stepped again, back two years and into another role.

Now, he was about to play the Shadow on the radio.

(Mr. Springs' last name maps to Welles.

Mrs. Minafer's is presumably a reference to The Magnificent Ambersons.)

The Shadow followed her into his role.

(They're doing " The Temple Bells of Neban".)

After the show and some publicity stuff in a Shadow get-up, he was alone with her.

She took him outside to a newsstand, showing him the magazine called " The Shadow ".

He bought a copy and flipped through it, reading his memories as " entirely fictitious " stories.

He told her about his past, his time in World War I and how that'd driven him to become what he was.

The Shadow stopped the thief, making him drop his stolen bread.

The cops caught up and took him away.

" Hey, mister..

The Shadow raised his finger.

" Nothing so far, my smart little man. But I promise to let you know if I ever figure it.. "

" Hey! Busybody! "

The thief, who'd broken free of the cops, rushed at the Shadow, tackling him into traffic.

" Preston! " Madge cried.

(From actor to writer.

Pagecount's 6 and a little more than 6/10ths of 20 from The Twilight Zone: The Shadow #2 back in 2016.

Writing's David Avellone, art's Dave Acosta, colors're Omi Remalante, and letters're Taylor Esposito.

This is mostly a repost.)
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