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Leaving a man who'd written him, he'd ended up back where his journey'd started.

In his own body again, he was the prisoner of the Nazis he, Margo, and Shrevvy'd struck at.

He faced them unflichingly.

" Rottenfuhrer Dallenbach: keep an eye on this filth until we return. "

" Yes, Herr Kreisleiter. Heil Hitler. "

Penzler and the other left, shutting the door behind them.

" Rottenfuhrer. Section leader. Let me see, that's..

" .. Corporal? You seem young for that. "

The Shadow mused about the boy's parents, concluding that they weren't around.

" I suppose it's just as well that they're dead.

" If they were alive to see you in that uniform, they'd die of shame. "

" That's enough! "

Dallenbach raised his rifle.

" Keep your filthy Jew mouth off my parents! "

The Shadow arrested him in his gaze.

" What's your first name, Rottenfuhrer Dallenbach? "

" Peter.. "

" Now, Peter.. you're going to do exactly as I command. "

" Exactly.. as you command.. "

The Shadow had Peter take him to Margo and Shrevvy.

He untied the both of them, leaving only the question of what to do with Peter.

The Shadow considered binding and gagging him.. then, reflecting on the idea of tempered justice that'd come up once and again in his journey, set Peter's will free.

The boy pointed his gun at them: " Why did you attack us? Why did you kill my friends? "

" I do owe you an answer to that.

" Nazism has declared war on the world, Peter. America is not ready, and America is slow, but after Poland the sight of the swastika in my own New York was too much for me. "

The Shadow introduced an idea to Peter.

He set dynamite in the armory, then ran to catch the car they'd hotwired.

He landed on it just as the armory went up.

They drove for the exit, against the massed camp and their guns.

The Shadow leapt from the car, caught up the dead Penzler's gun, and turned it on the other Nazis, laughing.

Two days later, he and Margo were discussing what he'd gone through over drinks.

" The entire unsettling experience seemed designed to teach me a lesson. "

" Who would dare and try to teach you a lesson? "

" Only you, dear Margo. Only you. "

" Regardless, you did seem to get something out of it. "

Margo got up and made to leave.

(Pagecount's 6 and just under 4/10ths of 20 from The Twilight Zone: The Shadow #4 back in 2016.

Writing's David Avellone, art's Dave Acosta, coloring's Omi Remalante, and letters're Taylor Esposito.

This is mostly a repost.)

Date: 2018-10-27 06:36 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] arthur_wynne
Economic anxiety, eh?

I'd say the Shadow got it right the first time around.


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