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Previews for Green Lantern #45

You guys called it.

As if this couldn't get more "HOLY CRAP" moments....

IGN has previews for Green Lantern #45.


Where ever Pariah shows up from now on, I will be observe intently.

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Called it? Didn't they pretty much show it was going to happen on the last issue of GL?

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Oooooh boy, that really ain't good.

But on the plus side, we might now get a fight of the century between Xanshi & Mogo. Awesome!

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Ummm....plz to be helping a Lantern-ignorant sista out with some context? I mean, I know this image can in no way be a good thing, but...
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Basically, John Stewart screwed up royally a long time ago and his cockiness ended up getting an entire planet and all of its people destroyed. He's had a hard time getting over it, needless to say.

Well now that planet is a black lantern and wants its revenge.

Holy shit indeed.

and yes, Mogo vs. Xanshi should totally happen.

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Wow, it's like DC is going "You know, we're sorry about how Final Crisis sort of here: A crossover event that is totally fucking bonkers in every possible GOOD way."

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Let me repeat my question that I asked on another post . . .
HOW exactly are the forces of good going to win here? I mean, I know that they will, but seriously, when you have PLANETS attacking you . . .

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and good has Mogo

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you run from the overpowered lackies, defeating them where you can, and then you take out the Big Bad and the remaining overpowered lackies go away.

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White Lantern

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Who designed those star sapphire outfits? Did they really look at that and think it wouldn't cause disgust from some people?

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also those lovers...egyptian hawkman and hawkgirl?

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And here we have Alan Moore's follow-up instant classic, "Mogo Doesn't Euthanize."

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Kryb got out? NOOOO!!!! I wanted to see creepy Star Sapphire Kryb :'(

The dream is ruined....

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Kryb had a defense. In her twisted way, she cares for the children she took. So the Sapphires had to somehow overcome that with a more abstract love(I guess) and it just wasn't as strong.

You could argue that her feelings about the children are closer to greed, which might make things even more complicated.

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This shit. Iz bananas.♠
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You know...

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...what I really want, now, is Black Lantern Earth-2. I mean, come on. If you can bring a whole planet back from the dead, why not a parallel universe?

Or, for that matter, why not Black Lantern Pre-Crisis Multiverse?

Sure, it's a little silly, but damn...

Re: You know...

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zombie earth prime arises just to taunt with superboy prime?

Re: You know...

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Now I kind of want to see Black Lantern Tamaran and Black Lantern New Tamaran rise and chase Blackfire and Starfire around. Hee.

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Now if Krypton came back as a black lantern and went into a galaxy with a yellow sun.....

no wait that doesn't make any sense. It'd be awesome though.

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Since Krypton more or less blew itself up, the rings would probably just hover around saying "Krypton is at peace"

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I mentioned this months ago: have you all forgotten Sector 666, which the Manhunters killed everyone in(except five)?

It can get much, much worse.

Also, didn't Ranx get destroyed as well?

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And Atrocitus killed the other four to launch the Red Lantern Corps. I suspect they're going to take that personally.

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The art looks beautiful and the battle scenes spectacular, but in spite of that I can't help but have a hard time taking those Star Sapphires seriously in those outfits. And I swear, I'm trying to be really lenient here.

Did they all need to be modeled that exactly on Carol Ferris? And since she's in a little more control of her power, you'd think she'd be able to do something about it, or this somehow in-character?

D: I mean come on, even just painting in purple over the torso section of her outfit will do.

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Black Lantern planet, baby!

This is so deliciously ridiculous I can't help to just love it.