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Ladies and gentlebeings, I present to you: the conquests of MA Storm! I may have missed a couple, and sooner or later I know someone will put up her 616 counterpart's conquests. You know what I mean by conquests, right?

Herc did have that line about Giant Girl, but who did he give a ring to? Storm. Source: MA: A # 18

Hawkeye flirted with Giant Girl, but who really drew this archer's eye? Storm.

MA: A # 10 mentioned that Storm was missing because she was on a date with an African king. You know who that is, right?

Source: MA: A # 22.

Alas, T'Challa, she's just not that into you. Not in MA. Source: MA: A # 23

Doc Samson is intrigued. Source: MA: A # 24

Of course, Storm's conquests are not all men.

Spidey really should learn to finish his sentences. Source: MA: A #24

They even go on a date. (Hey, if Cap and Iron Man hanging around playing basketball, eating hamburgers, and hunting down spammers is a date, so is this.)

Tigra dreams of Storm's love. Source: MA: A # 36

But of all her harem, there's one in particular that Storm seems to favor most consistently. Big guy, blond, Norse. She says she's "partial to the way he uses thunderstorms". We saw Thor for the first time in MA: A # 15, but although she's partial to him and he calls her his fellow storm-bringer, they warm up later.

...Unfortunately I don't seem to have those issues, so this is from here on S_D, and there's the old preview here.

Source: MA: A # 29


That's a conquest. That's a conquest of YOU. Source: MA:A # 3
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