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He'd been interrupted by his ex-girlfriend.

The both of them'd then been tranquilized by his Robot Paul.

Renny, after waking up, gave Robot Paul an earful.

" .. over and out. "

Renny and Marisol talked things over.

Meanwhile, Robot Paul applied for a job at the Winners' Coven Casino and Hotel.

It went well.

" When can you start? "

Loske (Renny's friend)'s kidnapping was brought to Renny and Marisol by one of his robots.

The robot told them where Loske was being taken.

They got on The Mount (one of Renny's robots) and intercepted the truck carrying Loske.

Mechs came up on them.

Renny jumped The Mount up to them.

Robot Paul, meanwhile, had taken a seat at the casino.

" On rare occasions, some con-artist gets a bad idea. Thinks there's a way to beat the house that no one else has thought of.

" Sometimes that deluded fool will pull some hapless robot into his idiotic plot. "

Renny and Marisol, meanwhile, were in flight.

(The target of Renny's revenge is associated with the casino.)

(Pagecount's 6 and a little more than a half of 20 from Patience! Conviction! Revenge #3.

Issue #4 came out this month.

Writing's Patrick Kindlon, art's Marco Ferrari, colors're Patrizia Comino, and letters're Jim Campbell.)


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