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Peter Cannon'd saved the world from a dragon.

Peter Cannon was the dragon he'd saved the world from.

There were those in the world who knew the dragon as a monster and hated it.

There were those who also hated the effects of the dragon.

He addressed his fellows.

" It's not as though anyone's going to do the job for us. "

They met again, this time over weapons to use on the dragon.

(How the American government has guys like this will be coming up soon.

Most of the answer's in their name.)

Elsewhere in the world, someone else felt things wrong.

He went to fix them.

" .. but I'll be happy to take you to our V.I.P. lounge. You can call your party and let them know where you are. "

There, Peter met someone he didn't expect - the reporter Aida Leiva.

They got to talking, through the airport.

Peter talked about his book and resistance he'd faced in spreading its teachings.

" How disappointing for you. "

" Disappointing..

" That's.. perfect. "

" I have known that disappointment, Peter.

" The sense that humanity could be something more..

" Yet it sees opportunities and refuses them. "

" Aida! Get down! "

' In this situation, it's not enough to disarm him.. '

' I didn't want to be a hero..

' But I didn't expect to be a target. '

The person Peter expected to meet, his assistant, arrived on the scene.

They exited, leaving the gathering crowd behind.

(Pagecount's 3 of 22 from Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt #3 back in 2012, and a little more than 7 of 22 from #4.

Writing's Steve Darnall and Alex Ross, art's Jonathan Lau, colors're Vincius Andrade, and letters're Simon Bowland.)