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FYI, Mary Jane Watson fans: Marvel's just put out a new TPB called Spider-Man/Mary Jane: You've Just Hit the Jackpot! that collects MJ-centric stories from throughout the character's history. I'm happy I finally own the Parallel Lives graphic novel! Now back to your regularly scheduled post, already in progress.

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We're all familiar with this classic moment, right? But what happened after Peter opened the door? Scans from ASM #43.

Peter and MJ are set up on a blind date by their aunts. May has been trying to get Peter to go out with "Miss Watson's niece" since ASM #15--the usual "oh, she has a nice personality!" running gag. Peter finally gives in, dreading the ordeal, but then he actually meets Mary Jane. Tiger, jackpot, hit, etc. etc.
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(Their song is, of course, "Kung Fu Fighting.")

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*insert fight here*

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*insert plot here*

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And with the typical Parker Pity Party, the issue ends. And Mary Jane was here to stay.

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Yeah, so no matter what he'd have a skin-tight costume to wear. But even then, a lot of SHIELD agents would have to use lethal force sometimes, even Captain America and Black Widow, though they go to length to avoid it.

Hmm... if Peter was in SHIELD he'd probably hang out and work with Black Widow a lot... Peter/Natasha?

Now that I think of it, I think there was a What If where Peter ended up in SHIELD, though I forget how. I think he had kind of a Deadpool-ish costume. I'll have to go look it up.


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