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It would've been written by Mark Waid and Robert Loren Fleming.

(One wonders what allusions/jabs it would've had, a couple years out from Watchmen #12.)

Dick Giordano, who'd previously been at Charlton, got Peter Cannon's creator Pete Morisi to do a Secret Origins story for the character.

That story wasn't published as intended - Secret Origins ended before it could be.

(The planned series didn't make it out, either - the 90s Peter Cannon was its own thing.)

It was published, though - in 2012, as part of Dynamite's first Peter Cannon series.

(The 2012 series played Tabu entirely straight.

The one that started this week's doing mostly the same, but with a bit of a redesign.)

(Peter Cannon's philosophical misanthropy has informed every take on him - as well as, of course, that one derivation.)

(The temporal whiplash between the last two panels.

Pagecount's 2 and 1/3rd of 18.

Everything but the colors're Morisi - that last's Mike Kelleher, who has a line in comics restoration.)

Date: 2019-02-02 02:00 pm (UTC)
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"Boss, it was like you switched completely from a old-time mobster movie to a serial mastermind villain! After we get rich, maybe you should see a shrink."


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