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(He'd gone to save an acquaintance.)

He lay unconscious in flaming aftermath.

He awoke, amidst his ex-girlfriend and robots.

They staggered away, into an ambush.

Renny and his robots overcame.

(That's Renny's Warning Bot.)

Meanwhile, Renny's Robot Paul was working a job at that bastard's casino.

He commed Renny with an opportunity.

Renny broke off the conversation to tend to another, with Donna187.

(Her facial expressions're pretty good.)

Back at the casino, another dialogue was going on.

" I'm Robot Paul. What did you say your name was? "

" Construction Bot. "

" Makes sense. But.. do you ever think about a world where it could've been Construction Is Just One Of My Many Interests Bot? "

While Renny, Donna187, and theirs laid siege to Welsh's water facility, Robot Paul talked with some more of the casino's employees.

He worked on them.

Back at Welsh's facility, Renny and Donna187'd won a complete victory.

" Look at your men celebrating. Their purpose is filled.. and they'll start turning on each other any time now.

" You know why?

" Partly because it's human nature. Lord of the Flies, all that. And partly because it's the nature of the universe. The other shoe is always waiting to- "

A wall exploded.

" - drop. "

(Love the rendering of Welsh behind the cockpit's glass.

This's 7 and ~3/20ths of 22 from Patience! Conviction! Revenge! #4; #5 ended the series in January.

Writing's Patrick Kindlon, art's Marco Ferrari, colors're Patrizia Comino, and letters're Jim Campbell.)


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