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Deathstroke #39 (2019) - "Simple Man (Arkham: Book Four)"

One of many great moments from Late Night with David Letterman was a Howard Stern appearance where he was making OJ Simpson jokes and Dave wasn’t laughing. Stern called Dave out on it and Dave replied, “Well, double homicides don’t crack me up the way they used to.” Comedic, over-the-top violence doesn’t crack me up at all. I think it’s terrible. Violence is awful. Killing is terrible and has real consequences. This book is about those consequences. -- Christopher J. Priest

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And I thought Jigsaw's manipulated kills were convoluted and nonsensical.
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Hey, it's Waldo.
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It is easy to "gaslight" someone in a superhero universe. Of course, Hugo wants everyone else to think Slade is going crazy.

There was something like this in Bendis' comics, with D-Man saying he had to get the Infinity Gems.
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Is Death Masque to Deadpool what Deadpool was to Deathstroke?

And did they just kill Two-Face, or is that a mind trick?