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I miss Katma Tui.
Killing her off was always a huge mistake. :(

I love the little green accents in her hair when she's altered her appearance to blend in. Though man, the coloring on African-American characters is pretty subpar here.
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One of the big things about Milestone was having a better color printing process so that they could do a better job with subtle skin tones.
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I suspect those are registration errors in the printing process rather than intentional hints about her being a disguised GL.

This is from the mid 80s, but I don't recall black characters like Storm or Falcon having that greenish cast to their skin in the same era.

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"They call me 'Square' John Stewart for a reason! The reason is, I love using T-squares, because I'm an architect! It's kind of a misleading nickname because at this point in my development, I'm really not much of a square at all! But if you think I've got it bad, you should see my friends 'Wimpy' (he loves burgers), 'Bitch-Queen' (she raises dogs), and 'Green Lantern' (he loves The Great Gatsby!)"

For all the sexy shenanigans afoot here, my favorite is "...uh, having dinner." Nice to be reminded that a guy like John has probably had some experience with the ladies outside of the major figures in this story.
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Boy those back up strip people sure went nowhere, huh. I mean, has anyone even heard of Dave Gibbons, let alone Alan Moore?
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I believe this Moore did some licensed stuff with Marvel UK, while Gibbons like all British artists, worked on 2001 AD.
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Does Hal have unhealthy relationships with every female-shaped Lantern?
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There are some he hasn't met yet.
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He's the Captain Kirk of the GL Corps.
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And probably some of other shapes as well.
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Why limit it to the Lanterns?
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So... why'd he unmask?

And why'd Hal stop being a GL here?