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The last Stardust the Superwizard story, by Fletcher Hanks.

That's the Stardust we all know. Presumably he only lets the Stardust Sixth Column fight the Fifth Column, so that's why their not in this story.

"Fletcher Hanks created 51 stories and he did all by himself before dropping out of the business. To this day nobody knows why he stopped, but his family point out that he could never hold onto any job for very long. Burnout combined with alcoholism seems a valid hypothesis. His son, Ted Hanks, believes that Fletcher Senior met up with a woman who supported him and that was that. Aside from a brief encounter in the lobby of a Manhattan hotel where Hanks asked for some money, Fletcher Hanks never saw his father after he left the home he ravaged in 1930.

“Years later I’d be driving through New York on business and be stopped at a light and look over to see these bums drinking or passed out in a doorway,” Fletcher Junior recalled in 2005, “I’d look at those drunks an wonder if one of ‘em was my dad.”

On a frigid Manhattan night in 1976, broke and probably drunk, Fletcher Hanks Senior died alone on a park bench. It was months before anyone called the folks back in Oxford."
From "You Shall Die by Your Own Evil Creation!"
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