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He'd been sent after some kids.

They'd been saved from him by the psiot Livewire, looking into what Toyo Harada'd left behind.

She wanted to know more about Rex-O, so she dove into the dark web.

" Rex-O. What is your story? "


" But you're alive again. "

Her question went unanswered by the disconnection.

In the real world, in the migrating community known as Little Morocco, the kids - Nikki and Owen - were also pursuing the mystery of Rex-O.

Cheapjack greeted her.

(She'd grabbed one of the knives Rex-O'd chucked at them.)

" Wait. " said Owen. " You can tell me the original owner of things? "

" Yes. "

" Of anything? "

Owen and Nikki left.

He thought out loud about how his powers of conjuring weren't taking objects from other people, but giving him things that were his.

A phone nearby rang. Owen picked it up.

It was Livewire.

" Rex-O is on the move. Meet me at Lincoln Park.

" Hurry. "

They arrived in time to see the monster menacing a friend of theirs, Avi, another psiot Harada'd rejected.

(Avi's inadequacy was that his " stoneskin " power gave him the mobility of stone as well.)

Nikki sicced her bird friends on Rex-O.

Rex-O pulled a compact flamethrower on them.

" Leave my friends alone! "

(Rex-O is well-armed.)

(It's safe to assume she knew he could reflexively trigger his powers.)

Rex-O pinned them down with more ersatz kunai.

(Rex-O'd crushed Avi's glasses under his foot after knocking them off.)

Livewire (Amanda) turned to Owen, and got him help- a friend of hers.

Back at the old theater she was working out of, the kids considered their situation.

Avi wanted to leave - he'd never wanted to be one of Harada's psiots.

He had a life outside that man's grasp now, one he intended to keep.

He walked away, leaving Amanda and Nikki and Owen, and the problems of Rex-O and the Scavenger.

That night, as the kids slept, Amanda wondered who the Scavenger was, and what exactly he wanted.

(Yes, this is hairbun-and-glasses from the first issue.)

(Yup, that's a bird up there.)

(Yeah, that's Martin from the first issue in the fridge.

Pagecount's just under 8 of 24 from Secret Weapons #2 back in 2017.

Writing's Eric Heisserer, and art's Raúl Allén and Patricia Martín.

Lettering's Martín too.)
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