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It'd gotten him taken up and thrown away by Toyo Harada.

It'd got him, after he thought he'd left it in the past, attacked by the monster Rex-O.

Avi didn't want any part of it - he only wanted the life he had right now.

So he left the others from his past and went back to his present.

Unfortunately, what he was stood out to a lot of people.

Heading to work one day, he was punched in the face.

" That was a warning shot.

" Stay out of our school, psiot.

" We don't need the trouble you bring. "

(Moments like that don't outweigh what those powers've made of the rest of his life.)

He felt the effects of that later in the day.

(It's Malakar.)

A cop car pulled up behind him.

Two officers got out.

" There's an APB out for you.

" You aware of that? "

They moved in, covering him with their guns.

(Nikki and Owen're there because Livewire told them where to go, having picked up on the cops.)

They beat up the cops and fled back to the theater where Livewire'd gathered them, bonding over their present and past.

Meanwhile, Livewire was tracking Rex-O's apparent master, the Scavenger.

(Nikki'd gotten the name from a bird, and told her.

She'd taken it to the hacktivist @x, who'd given her a phone number to follow.)

She shadowed him to his lair.

Hidden, she took a picture of him with her phone.

(The Scavenger was out getting groceries again.)

(Pagecount's 7 of 22 from Secret Weapons #3 back in 2017.

Writing's Eric Heisserer, art's Raúl Allén and Patricia Martín, and lettering's also Martín.)


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