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They'd got her when she'd gone after them.

The psiots she'd taken in, Avi and Nikki and Owen, were tracking her down.

She was in the Scavenger's lair.

(The Scavenger smashed up the tech in his lair with that hammer because Livewire's a technopath.

Rex-O got his glow from the Scavenger, after his failed attempt at Avi.)

The elevator door opened.

It was Avi and Nikki and Owen.

Rex-O reached out, caught Avi, and hurled him into a nearby well.


(Whoever came up with the name in-universe is probably dying, if not already dead.)

Owen caught Rex-O by the neck.

Rex-O jerked him around, then hurled a kunai into Nikki's throat.

Owen crouched by her side.

Rex-O crackled.

Owen looked up.

" Wrong move. "

The Scavenger was on top of his situation.

" Glow your eyes all you want, but there's no tech in this room. "

The blades above Livewire spun.

" You're helpless. "

She started laughing.

The blades slowed.

" Did you really think that was enough?

" That my powers were that small? "

The blades stopped.

A vehicle burst in and zapped the Scavenger in the back.

She made a gun out of the parts around her and shot her way out.

" You.. could get out at any time. "

" Yes. But I needed information.

" And I realized you're the type who likes to boast. "

Rex-O was still buried.

Owen drained the well by opening the drain with his chain, which he then used to pull a flesh-again Avi out.

Rex-O staggered to his feet.

" Not good. " said Owen.

(Probably she got the info off of something the Scavenger'd forgotten to secure.

It's a bit sudden, but something sudden taking out Rex-O the otherwise indefatigable murder machine makes sense.)

With the Scavenger and Rex-O dead, Livewire and the psiots made their way back to their abandoned theater base, where Nikki got medical help from the same person who'd helped Owen through his Rex-O-inflicted injury.

They were together.

(Nice underlining of the circumstantial limitations of " reject " judgements.)

(They've had some appearances since - Nikki and Owen got prequel one-shots, and the lot of them turned up with Livewire in Harbinger Wars II.

Art's Raúl Allén and Patricia Martín, who're currently working on Valiant's Livewire ongoing, in which the Weapons have a presence. Letters here're also Martín.

Writing's Eric Heisserer.

Pagecount's 7 and slightly more than 4/10ths of 23 from Secret Weapons #4 back in 2017.)
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