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Following up on my previous post on Kaguya-sama I've binged the whole thing. And would like to share one of the moments where the barriers go down, and there's no mind games... just real talk. Student Council President Miyuki Shirogane takes the others out to the roof to watch the stars, and as astronomy is his passion he gets so wrapped up talking with Kaguya that his barriers come down. The topic soon turns to the lunar legend for which Kaguya is named (which for the sake of convenience I will put a short summary video of behind the cut).

I thought that was adorable, and the story time was 6/18 pages... it was meant to be posted!

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I think this was where the mind-games aspect started to get downplayed. I can't say I don't miss it (though honestly it works better in anime form than manga), but the change was always foreshadowed and had plenty of great moments, with an expanded character roster, character development, and funny moments (like the chapter where the characters become stock shojo stereotypes).


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