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Batman faced the Shadow in the Alps.

He'd found him in the place of Henri Ducard.

They fenced, wooden sword to wooden sword.

Batman wanted him for the death of Lamont Cranston.

" Why kill your descendant? "

" Cranston is but one of many faces I've worn over the centuries. " said the Shadow.

He went on, ascribing the modern-day Cranston's death to another: " The Stag has come for Gotham's best, Bruce. Reason will not defeat him. "

" Convenient alibi. But I won't play your game. "

" This is no game. It is a glimpse of the world you've found.. "

" His aim is simple - to punish the world's best, as I punish its worst.

" I have killed him hundreds of times, only to see him rise. You cannot fight him alone. "

Batman repudiated the Shadow, figuring he was either a liar or someone who let a killer come to Gotham.

" I'll find Cranston's killer. And if it's you.. lies won't stop me. "

" Fortunate, then.. "

The Shadow vanished in laughter.

" .. that all I've ever needed is the truth. "

The Shadow appeared again, later, to Harry Vincent and Margo Lane in Long Island, New York.

" The Stag has risen again. He's killed one of Cranston's descendants. "

" You.. you never cared about us. Or Lamont. You stole his face. "

" It is a message. Our war reaches its climax. A war you were a part of.

" You're useless to me now.. but.. you deserved to know he could come for you. "

(One thing the Shadow's scarf does in this art - trails.)

.. had been awarded to Dr. Leslie Thompkins.

A shadowy figure came upon her in her Crime Alley clinic that night.

Batman crashed though the roof and disarmed him, kicking away his knife.

" Stand up. Let go of Batman.

" Or I'll shoot. "

Batman jumped to his feet and beat the stranger aside.

" Leslie. Listen to me.

" Not in this place. You know what happened here. Put the gun now. "

She didn't listen.

She spoke the names of the murdered Batman'd looked at previously, the ones whose deaths seemed to fit the modus operandi the Shadow'd described, and pulled the trigger on her gun.

Batman tackled her.

He faced the Shadow.

He tightened his grip.

(Yes, that floor's tiled like a chessboard.)

(Pagecount's 7 and ~3/10ths of 22 from Batman/the Shadow #2 back in 2017.

Writing's Scott Snyder and Steve Orlando, art's Riley Rossmo, colors're Ivan Plascencia, and letters're Clem Robins.)
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It's probably just me, but I really don't like the way The Shadow is drawn in the comic. He's probably more theatrical than Batman, but here he just kind of looks like a scrawny guy in a trenchcoat. It just doesn't fit his character.
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The one main problem I had with this story is Batman's whole "I refuse to believe that you're an immortal and that the Stag is a supernatural being that's impossible to permanently kill" schtick. Look, Bruce HATES supernatural crap, but he's not stupid enough to deny it exists. He deals with it on the reg. His whole head-in-the-sand Dana Scully act was seriously out of character, to me.