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Batman'd subdued the Shadow with electricity.

(He'd done it in Crime Alley.)

The killer they'd been after, the Stag, had escaped them.

Batman wanted that horned fiend quantified.

" Behave while I'm gone. "

The Shadow was left, bound in chains and covered by Alfred with a gun.

In Gotham's East End, the Stag was meeting with a prospective partner, someone whose help he wanted.

He offered up his story.

Back at the bottom of Gotham Harbor, the Shadow's force of mind impressed Alfred.

He rallied.

" .. I've known Bruce his entire life. And maybe.. so have you.

" If you have, then you know you can't force him to do things. "

" But this is not the first time I've appeared.

" I have visited him many times, in many faces, leaving his mind clouded. This face but a glint in the peripheral vision of his mind's eye.

" I have long watched Batman's development..

" .. as I watched all my students. "

" .. other students?

" It can't be. "

(I love when crossover continuities take full advantage of being crossover continuities.)

Back in the East End of Gotham, Batman came through the roof the Stag and the Joker were under.

The dark pointy-headed ones went at it.

The Stag caught Batman's leg again, tried to twist it again - and found it armored, resisting him.

" Reinforced joint.

" Unlike the Shadow.. I learn. "

Batman pulled the knife that the Stag'd previously left behind.

" Remember this? "

The Stag lunged for him.

The Joker caught Batman by the neck.

The Stag moved in, and struck him unconscious.

Back at Gotham Harbor, the Shadow decided to leave.

" There are only so many good people in Gotham. You are not one of them. Neither am I. " he told Alfred.

" I told Bruce from the start. It is why I guided him through every face that made him who he is.

" It wasn't just to defeat the Stag.

" It was to protect him. Bruce was in danger from the moment he chose to become a bat. To give up a human life to protect others.

" To be one of Gotham's best.

" Bruce Wayne is the Stag's final victim. "

Elsewhere, Batman awoke.

" Exciting! " said the Joker.

" I wasn't sure you'd wake up this time. "

(This is such a " everyone who wasn't doing anything tonight " gathering.)

(If you remember Shadowpact from the mid-2000s, you can probably figure out where they've got Batman.

Pagecount's 7 and a little more than 1/4th of 22 from Batman/the Shadow #3 back in 2017.)

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Between this and the TMNT crossovers, Batman had a some good team-ups in the last few years.