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Age of X-Man: Apocalypse and The X-Tracts #1


"I suddenly had this fully formed vision of a militant '60s X-Men team... like the Weather Underground meets Doom Patrol. Hippie, beatnik superhero revolutionaries. When I decided Apocalypse was going to be a combination of Professor X and Andy Warhol, I knew I had my in, and finally a use for my years of Art History college classes." -- Tim Seeley

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Damn, when I saw the cover I was so hoping it would be Apocalypse forming a rock band that solves mysteries on the side.
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These guys don't seem all that militant.
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I think that's the point.
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It's just that the quote describes them as "a militant '60s X-Men team".
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Celestial endowments? *snicker*
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Oh you forgot the worst scene from this comic that I saw on Tumblr, that reveals that in this AU Kitty isn't Jewish, because apparently in this AU Judaism is a dead religion and Kitty doesn't even know what a Menorah is (although handling one made her have memories of the original universe).


Of course aside from that: In this AU the role of Kitty Pryde will be played by Kim Possible.
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Surely any such implications are part of the point, since this is supposed to be a dystopia?
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Fair enough.

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Love that Dazzler look.
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Next these four are going to jump in a great custom van and go Solve Mysteries with their Talking Dog Sidekick!