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So are we just going to ignore the time when Kaine stopped Kraven's heart to break the curse and then revived him again?
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Wait, when did that happen? I remember Kaine dying to revive Kraven in the first place (and that being why he came back "wrong") but not what you're talking about.
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In the Scarlet Spider title.
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Stopping someone's heart and then starting it again doesn't exactly fit the definition of "killing" though. Honestly, I can see that loophole not working and Kraven realizing that he's still immortal except via Spider-Man.
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In the context of the story Kraven had been stabbed in the heart with no effect. In comparison when Kaine did his thing Kraven was 'dead' for a period of time.
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Was anyone else distracted by naked Kraven up top? I'm just sayin' that he could be the subject of a few hunts, if you know what I mean...
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Heh. I remember being really confused at seeing Kraven walk around butt-naked in Kraven's Last Hunt. My naively young self had never seen anything like that in a comic before.

Though his rugged handsomeness was kind of offset by his insanity during that storyline...