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Do you want fullmetal alchemist, CAUSE THIS IS HOW YOU GET FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST.
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Nah, this is more like Tales Of The Abyss.

Which went even worse.
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This was also a scene from Jeff Lemire's Animal Man run. Less creepy, but reeeeeeeeeally hit like a truck with how the character reacts, realizing the person is not the same without the soul or mind.
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I mean if Grandma Hayes got her hands on Ben Reilly's New-U tech...

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Doesn't that bring you back with less of a soul? IIRC Molly's parents were among the more sympathetic members of the Pride but they were still willing to kill everyone on the planet to save Molly.
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IIRC Molly's parents were among the more sympathetic members of the Pride but they were still willing to kill everyone on the planet to save Molly.

they were? weren't they like... mutant supremacists?

[personal profile] zachbeacon 2019-03-14 04:38 pm (UTC)(link)
So is Magneto.

Honestly I'm basing this on things I half remember* from a series I read ages ago. I also remember kinda liking** Gert's parents, absolutely hating Karolina's, finding Chase's dad to be abusive, and thinking Alex and Nico's parents were a little too eager to sell out the Pride when the mole*** was revealed.

*Something, something, angry mob.

**As much as you can like people planning a genocide.

***For the record I thought it was going to be Chase on the grounds that he was just playing stupid. Trying to guess who the mole was was a big part of reading it monthly.
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I thought New U brought you back perfectly? The only downside is that you'll turn into a highly-contagious Carrion zombie if you don't take your Joy every few days or so, but other than that you should be grand.

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It was a plot point that was used in the last Scarlet Spider series ... though I'm a little fuzzy on the difference (if any) between the tech that brought Ben back, the tech that created him with Peter's memories in the first place, and the tech that brought, say, Marla Jameson back to life. I assume it's all derived from the same tech that Miles stole from the High Evolutionary.

Plus a lot of recent spider-resurections have been at least partly magic-based ("I'm alive because something, something, the Other") and Ben has died so many times that Death took an interest in him so he is probably a weird outlier.

Also, "zombie virus" is a pretty nasty side effect in its own right. Between that and clone degeneration, the High Evolutionary must be ashamed of the two Jackals' sloppy work.

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That was mostly because the Jackal kept bringing Ben back and then torturing him to death repeatedly, and apparently after a certain number of resurrections like that the soul just breaks. If you do it just the once you should be fine.