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To me, Captain Marvel's situation is pretty similar to Dr. Strange's. Both characters are super powerful and would be super useful for defeating thanos, but they both are very fresh to the mcu. In a perfect world, they both would have gotten 2 movies to shine (or at least 1 full movie and a very significant cameo, i felt like stranges presence in thor 3 was relatively minor and kind of forced), but it makes sense that the creators can make a huge interconnected franchise like this flow only so smoothly. So yeah, both she and strange feel a bit abrupt with their appearances in the last movie and this upcoming one, but i have a feeling the filmmakers won't have either of them individually laying a smack down on thanos and single-handedly save the day. I think carol will play an important role in his defeat given her power level, and then things will feel a little more natural with her as she gets her other 2 headlining movies and plays a big role in future avengers film.


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